As my first blog post, I will present my simple definition of sustainability as: Living within the limits of nature’s ecosystem services. And to live together in communities that are equitable, regenerative, resilient and adaptive.  That opens up a lot of questions before we start and I intend to get there as the blog proceeds.  I am not naive and clearly recognize that some big changes are needed before we land in some future Eden (we should not think paradise, although compared to today, it may seem so when we get there).  Notice I said ‘get there.’  In all my talks I start out with “I’m often asked:“Will we ever become a Sustainable Society?” I always answer:“Without a doubt.”  Then I get the wistful smiles waiting for the magic bullet answer.  Sorry there isn’t one, but there are a set of principles that can guide us down that path – or should I say rabbit hole, because we have to get dirty before we can realize the truths that exist all around us that we blatantly ignore.  So if you want to climb down this rabbit hole, give me a response and let’s begin! 

Peace and Love   Richard

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